Chambers & Tiles


Our extensive range of UK manufactured chambers offer a very simple, speedy, and cost-effective solution to create the perfect fireplace opening. With a variety of materials to choose from including natural stone and real brick, there is certainly a chamber to suit all tastes.

We stock off the shelf sizes and now have an in house bespoke made2measure service for non-standard openings. We will endeavour to get all quotations back within the hour and operate an extremely fast turnaround time.

Rustic Brick Chamber

Rustic Herringbone Brick
Chamber (0250030)

Rustic Brick Chamber With
Returns-No Arch(0250066)

Rustic Herringbone Brick
Chamber (0250028)

Zamora Chamber

Lucena Chamber

Andalusia Chamber

Soria Chamber

Santiago Chamber

Navarra Chamber

Grey Brick Bond Chamber

Grey Herringbone Brick Bond Chamber

Iced Grey Chamber

Iced Grey Herringbone Chamber

Urban Dusk Chamber.jpg

Urban Dusk Herringbone
Chamber (0250203)

Red Brick Bond Chamber

Red Brick Bondherringbone Chamber

Charcoal Slate Waterfall Chamber

Olive Slate Waterfall Chamber

Black Staggered Slate Block
Chamber (0250032)

Oyster Staggered Slate Chamber

Grey White Staggered Slate Chamber

Porcelain Slate Brick Bond Chamber

Dove Grey Chamber

Grey Brick Chamber.jpg

Portuguese Limestone Chamber

Vermiculite Chamber


If you want to bring a wall space to life, then split face tiles are the best way to go for a striking, characterful look. Split face tiles consist of strips of a certain material cut to different heights, widths and depths, and arranged to create a staggered, multi-levelled face.

Oyster Split Face Panel

White Grey Split Face Tile

Black Split Face Panel

Olive Waterfall Split Face Tile

Charcoal Waterfall Split Face Panel

Dove Grey Split Face Panel


Our Chamber Trim Kit is a simple, elegant design to create a neat finish to any chamber installation. Simple to fix
and the trim can be cut to size to fit any opening. available in black and stainless steel finishes.



Lucena Corner Tile

Santiago Corner Tile

Navarra Corner Tile

Soria Corner Tile

Andalusia Corner Tile

Zamora Corner Tile


Lucena (0250159)
Santiago (0250152)
Navarra (0250165)
Soria (0250161)
Andalusia (0250167)

Zamora (0250163)
Iced Grey (0250129)
Steel Grey (0250130)
Highland Red (0250128)
Urban Dusk (0250131)