To return all or part of your order you will need to provide us with sales/invoice number(s), full details of why you wish to return the goods, a photograph of the item(s) being returned and if you require a credit or replacement.
*Please be aware that any return may be subject to a 20% re-handling fee.

If you are an existing trade customer, the fastest and most convenient way to start the returns process is to use the returns function on the website.

Simply sign in using your web details and from the 'Your Dashboard' screen, select 'Returns' and follow the simple instructions.
Even though you may not have placed the order via the website, all of your invoices are displayed in the returns area, and you can raise return requests against any of these.
Using this method ensures we have the correct information making the process of getting you a replacement item or credit easier and faster. You also have the advantage of tracking returns made against sales orders/invoices.

Alternatively, if you haven't got access to the website and 'Your Dashboard', you can use the webform located 'here'.
However, priority is now given to return requests raised via the portal due to time constraints involved when processing return requests.

Should you require any assistance regarding any aspect of the returns process, please contact


Damaged Goods

Goods must be inspected within 24 hours of delivery and any damage or defects must be reported as soon as they are discovered, but no later than 5 days after delivery.


Faulty Goods

In the case of claim for faulty goods, replacements may be supplied pending inspection by the Company or the manufacturer. If the goods are found not to be at fault the cost of the replacements will be charged to the Customer.

Please note: Only stock items will be considered for return, subject to a minimum 20% re-handling charge, special order items cannot be returned.
Wooden mantels and decorative tiles are excluded from our 5 days policy for damaged and faulty goods, these items MUST be checked on receipt and claims submitted immediately.


Return of Goods

Please note that all returned items will be inspected before any credit is issued. Items returned incomplete, missing packaging or damaged may not be passed for credit.

We cannot accept the return of goods which have been specially obtained from the manufacturer. In the case of incorrectly ordered goods, if returned, they will be subject to a re-handling charge and a claim for loss of profit on the sale. No goods will be collected by our transport without prior agreement, nor without our collection note.

By supplying a replacement item, Percy Doughty & Co are not admitting liability, and a credit may still be refused.

No returns will be considered after 5 days as per our terms & conditions.

Please note that our terms and conditions are also available to view in our trade price guides, and are available on request.

Please do not hand completed Returns Forms to delivery drivers.

Updated 14/04/24